Where can you use the planters?

All our products can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How to fill the excess volume?

When using planters, the excess volume can be filled with foam filler and insert the silicone inner pot. This practical solution will help keep your planter clean.  For your convenience all of the listed products are available.

How to do planting?

For drainage and filling the excess space, we recommend that you fill 30-40% of the volume of the planter with ceramsite. The proportion is selected depending on the height of the planter. Next, you can put a layer of agrotextile, and top directly with light soil, which corresponds to the selected plants.


Important! Do not fill the pot with heavy soil. Use light soil.


If the planter is located in a place where it is not protected from precipitation, it is necessary to provide drainage holes to prevent stagnation of water, which can adversely affect the roots of planted plants. This option is negotiated by request and it is free.

Where will the excess water go?

For better water flow through the drainage holes and ventilation of the space between the flowerpot and the base on which it is located, we propose the installation of small spacers at the bottom of the product. This is especially true on terraces with wooden floors.

How to sustain the winter?

If the plants remain in the planter for the winter, we recommend sheathing the walls and bottom with thermal insulation. This option is available by request.